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By James Thompson, Sep 30 2019 02:39PM

Summer is over and with the onset of Autumn come jobs around the home that are a crucial part of keeping your property in good shape, while also preventing larger problems from developing such as leaks and damage to roofs.

Leaves and other organic material can block the rainwater goods of your property, and if left unchecked, can cause rainwater to overspill and potentially case damp issues and leaks on the walls of your home, while also damaging timber roofline materials such as facia boards. We have also seen properties that are of solid brick or stone wall constructions suffer from water ingress into the internal surfaces of the walls, leading to potentially costly internal repairs.

Also with the change of the seasons come storms and high winds, so it is wise to have the roof of your property checked for loose or missing tiles, lead flashings that are secure and in good condition, and pointing such as that to the ridges of the roof.

During high winds, one loose tile can be all it takes for much more serious damage to happen, so ensuring that all is well with the roof of your property is paramount. It is also prudent to keep a check on the tiles and leadwork in order to prevent rainwater ingress into your property, again, leading to more costly repairs.

Here at PM Straw Builders we provide the experience and insight you need to ensure your property is in good shape for the months ahead, potentially saving you money in the long run on more extensive repairs due to storm damage and heavy rains.

Arrange for your roof to be checked and gutters to be cleaned by calling or emailing us today.