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When living in a National Park, or a dedicated conservation area, making alterations or refurbishments to your property may require using traditional building and construction methods in order to maintain the original architecture and design of the property.


PM Straw Builders specialise in using traditional building techniques for accurate listed building restoration to ensure your property is returned to it's original state.

Building work for conservation areas and listed building restoration

The residents of Swallow Head Farm required a building company who could provide high quality results using building methods dating from as long ago as the 18th century.


Traditional materials are also used in the project, giving us vast experience for use on future projects.


 •  Lime based mortars mixed with goat or Ox hair

 •  Timber gutters, with the originals restored where possible

 •  Traditional lath & mortar roofing methods

 •  Linseed oil paints

 •  Untreated roof timbers

 •  Traditional stone cobbles/paving

 •  Cast Iron guttering and door hinges

Listed building restoration:

Swallow Head Farm : Fylingdales

It was a priority to re-use as many reclaimed materials as possible, meaning care and attention was required throughout the preperation and stripping process for the build, to maximise the sustainability of the project.


Browse through the gallery showing the progress made on this on-going project, which will ultimately be run as an organic farm in North Yorkshire.


If you are planning a renovation project that requires the skills and knowledge of an experienced builder using traditional methods and materials, contact us today.