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Being based in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, we carry out work on properties that are subject to Listed Building Consent, or that are within a designated conservation area. Alterations or refurbishments to properties in these areas may require using traditional building and construction methods in order to satisfy planning conditions put in place by the local planning authority.


PM Straw Builders have many years of experience in working on listed buildings, and in using traditional building methods for synpathetic listed building restoration, renovation and maintenance, such as;


•  Internal and external Lime rendering

•  Lime repointing of solid stone or brick buildings

•  Approved damp proofing methods for basements

•  Sympathetic timber joist repair

Listed Building Restoration and work within conservation areas.

It can be tempting to ignore or turn a blind eye to the rule surrounding work being carrie out on a listed building as it can be seen as a way to simplify the work process, cut costs, or get the end result you are looking for, but our advice would be to never take this approach!


If enforcement officers from the local planning authority find you are in breach of the rules, then they can prosecute the home owner.  Before carrying out any work that is listed or within a conservation area, be sure to;


•  Seek advice from the local planning authority to find out what work they are likely to support, and what they are not.

•  Acquire the appropriate Listed Building Consent and planning approval for your project.

•  Consult an architect with experience in dealing with the planning officers, and have plans drawn up.

•  Choose a builder who has experience with working on listed buildings, and applying traditional building methods

Advice before carrying out work on a listed building



If you are considering refurbishment or alerations to a listed building, contact PM Straw Builders on 01947 880618