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Often times, Listed Buildings, and properties situated within Conservation Areas, such as those found within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, are built using a solid stone or brick constuction.  This type of construction, with a lack of a cavity wall, is prone to penetrating damp though the masonry, affecting the internal finishes of the property if incorrect renovation methods are used.


Many homes, over the years, have had remdial work carried out using modern dry lining systems, and cement based mortars, that are not well suited to this type of masonry construction, and only serve to accelerate problems caused by dampness present within solid stone or brick walls, such as;


•Hydroscopic salts

•Blown plaster

•Penetrating damp

•Accelerated wet rot in timber dry lining systems

•Damage to masonry and stone


When undertaking a renovation of a Listed Building, planning authorities such as the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, will sometimes stipulate that lime plasters and mortar is used during the renovation.

Lime Rendering and Lime plastering in historic building restoration

Lime plaster and render is a semi-permiable, meaning it is hard yet allows moisture to freely pass through.  The characteristic is what sets Lime plaster apart from sand and cement mix render.  Using Lime mortars in the renovation of old and listed buildings provides many advantages over using more modern building techniques that have been developed for use with cavity walls and more ventillated properties.


When renovating old properties with solid walls, allowing the masonry to 'breathe' is of upmost importance, as this allows residual moisture within the masonry to evaporate away without damaging the external stone, or the internal finishes of the property.  Using Lime based plaster and render, along with breathable paints or limewash, is the best way of acheiving exceptional results in older properties.

The advantages of Lime Plastering

Experts in the use of Lime Mortars

We are experts in Listed Building restoration and the use of lime mortar within the North Yorkshire area; effective applications for lime based mortar in solid wall constructions include;


• Lime re-pointing

• Internal Lime plastering directly to the masonry

• Hemp Lime plastering, offering increased thermal performance

• Limecrete floors

• External Lime rendering

Environmental benefits of Lime

Lime is beneficial in older properties because of the advantages to the solid structure of the walls, but also because it has anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-mould properties, all of which help contribute to an overall better air quality within your home, which in turn benefits you, your family, and guests to your property.


Lime is also kinder to the environment than portland cement as it generates much less CO2 during it's production, in some cases up to 20% less, while also absorbing CO2 during the curing process after application.

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